Where the Ferry Crosses


A fine first novel that introduces Joe Woods as a writer of fiction with an authentic Southern voice, and establishes Woody McKenzie as a heroic but complex character.

The Deep south — cotton gins, big plantations, desperate poverty; it was a life that Trey McKenzie wanted out of. Founding a small business, Trey wanted a good life for his family. But times changed; the small company became a multinational megacorporation. Trey’s son Woody found more than he bargained for upon taking control of the enterprise: corporate greed, lust and corruption. At the center of it stood the amoral Lawrance Wilson, fully capable of destroying everything the McKenzie family had built over the years, returning them to the dirt-poor Mississippi Delta. And for Woody McKenzie himself, even more was at stake.



Book size: 8.25×5.25
Format: Paperback
Page count: 300

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  1. admin

    A fine first novel that established Joe woods as a writer with an authentic Southern voice, and Woodie MacKenzie as a heroic but complex new character. – bernard

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