The Trial


“Woody relaxed his death grip on the steering wheel and took several deep breaths to slow his racing pulse and pounding heart.”

“Moving slowly ip the aisle, Roberta searched the rows of passengers, looking for a face she recognized or for eye contact with anyone her intuition identified as a threat. None of the faces were friendly.”

Lawrence Wilson, facing a slew of courtroom enemies, is doing all he can to keep out of prison. But two good people stand in his way: Woody McKenzie and Roberta Kolb. Former business associates and victims of Wilson’s ruthless selfishness, Kolb and McKenzie desperately want Wilson brought to justice. But with his mobster connections and untold thousands of embezzled dollars, Wilson just might pull off the scam of the century—provided certain witnesses cannot take the stand.



Book size: 8.5×5.5
Format: Paperback
Page count: 303

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  1. admin

    A taut legal thriller that pits Woody McKenzie in a cat-and-mouse game with a truly dangerous adversary. “The Trial” continues the battle of wits between Woody and Lawrance Wilson that began in “Where the Ferry Crosses”. Wilson, a corporate villain the reader will never forget, has finally been brought to bay in a courtroom. But like a cornered animal, Wilson has never been more dangerous. In a suspenseful plot worthy of John Grisham, a cast of Southern characters including Bobbie Sue, The Kid, Roberta and BD face Lawrance and his goons in well-plotted, well-paced action both inside and outside the courtroom. This trial and its verdict will be remembered for a long time, but the showdown between Woody and Lawrance will not end until a deadly confrontation on the back streets of New Orleans in “An Unexpected Flight”. – bernard

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