Secrets of the Spiral Tower


As the murky waters of the Mississippi River a Port Gibson ominously part at the end of a taut tow line, a personalized license plate with the letters “Wil K MC” comes into view on the rear of a sunken car. Instantly, Connor realizes authorities have discovered the remains of his girlfriend, Willow Kingston McKenzie.

Before the car can be removed and examined, he drives away fro the scene, his thoughts drifting back to his adolescent years when he and Willow were inseperable. Their romance had ended when she left Vicksburg and the lucrative McKenzie towing business, even though she was destined to inherit a large fortune from her father.

With time she had outgrown Connor and made a new life for herself in New York City, even though they shared secrets hidden in a cave in the National Military Park, near one of the spiral observation towers. Willow became a millionaire and world traveler in her own right, but she was haunted by the secrets of the spiral tower. Although rich and successful, she felt unfilled as a person and returned to her childhood home to right the wrongs she and Connor had committed over three decades earlier.

Connor was still single and available, and they quickly rekindled the love that existed between them during their high school and college years. The future looked bright.
Sadly, Willow was brutally murdered before they could be married.
After five years of dead-ends, the authorities lost interest in solving the murder.

Once Willow’s body was recovered, her cousin, Woody, vowed to spend the rest of his life in the pursuit of Willow’s murderer. Not until her submerged car was discovered was it possible to solve the murder, thus exposing the hidden secrets of the spiral tower.



Book size: 6×9
Format: Paperback
Page count: 230

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  1. admin

    “Faulkner without the run-on sentences.” That’s what I found myself thinking as I read Joe Woods’ latest book in the MacKenzie Chronicles. “Secrets of the Spiral tower” has all the elements of a great Southern Gothic — murder, romance, wealth, crime, unexpected twists, and nosy neighbors, all touched by the shadow of the Civil War. Not to mention that Mr. Woods’ vivid writing and sense-of-place amounts to a guided tour of modern Vicksburg. Mr. Woods says this is the last book in the saga of the MacKenzie family. Those of us who are fans hope it is not because Mr. Woods’ skill as a writer has grown with each novel, and there may be more MacKenzie secrets to tell. But even if this is the last we see of Woodie and Olga and the rest of the MacKenzie clan, we can still look forward to Mr. Woods’ next novel of the New South. – Bernard

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