An Unexpected Flight


Where courgae, love and deception become intertwined

An Unexpected Flight continues the saga of the McKenzie family of Walnut Hills, Mississippi.

Woody McKenzie, CEO of Ole Bruin Mills, takes the witness stand in a sexual harassment case against Lawrance Wislson, a brilliant but amoral employee of OBM. Woody’s worst fears come true when he is kidnapped by Wilson’s thugs during a court recess.

After hours of torture, Woody Manages to escape and is befriended by a group of homeless people, especially Whitney Rivers, a young woman with secrets of her own.

Whitney reluctantly reunites with her estranged, word-renowned father when she discovers that Woody has been diverted to Mexico City, not knowing that her father is responsible. A rescue team assaults the compound to extract Woody, only to learn that a Russian sex slave is now part of the package.

Whitney has fallen in love with Woody but knows little about his life. When they return to OBM, will Woody share her feelings? Did he have a wife and family? All of these questions and more will be answered in the explosive climax to the international action and danger of An Unexpected Flight.



Book size: 6×9
Format: Paperback
Page count: 202

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  1. admin

    his book has it all, from life-and-death danger in the back streets of New Orleans, to runnin’ & gunnin’ in the Mexico outback, “An Unexpected Flight” has enough twists & turns & excitement to satisfy a carload of teenagers on Saturday night. A warning to all women…loving Woodie MacKenzie is a dangerous occupation. – bernard

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